Who Are You Calling A Ditch?

Wildcat Canyon Photo Credit: Chris Young

Wildcat Canyon Photo Credit: Chris Young

The Clean Water Act is under attack, and it’s important to know fact from fiction. Clean Water Act opponents are calling names and telling some whopper big-fish stories to muddy the waters. However, the truth is simple about clean water: we need to keep pollution out of our small tributary streams and wetlands. Some polluters and lobbyists are dismissing these small waters as just “ditches”, but we know better. We know that small creeks, streams and wetlands provide kids fun places to explore, create habitat for animals and directly impact the water quality of our bigger rivers, lakes and oceans.

We oppose polluters and lobbyists trying to stop the Clean Water Act rule-making process through budget gimmicks or other legislative roadblocks. We want Congress to allow the US EPA and US Army Corps of Engineers to continue doing the right thing by working together to prepare a Clean Water Act rule clarifying issues about some of our smallest streams and wetlands. Despite 30 years of historical coverage, two confusing US Supreme Court cases have made our small streams and wetlands vulnerable. These waters are at risk of pollution and destruction and in need of legal protection. Find out more at www2.epa.gov/uswaters/ditch-myth.

We hope that you will join the Sierra Club in standing up to special interests that oppose clarifying the Clean Water Act. Let’s act now to clear up which of our streams and wetlands need protection and prevent polluters from muddying our waters. Submit your own comments to the US EPA about the Clean Water Act protection rule.


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