The Boundary Waters Canoe Area: A Wilderness at Risk! By Paul Danicic

Program Meeting

Photo Credit:  Paul Danicic

Photo Credit: Paul Danicic

On November 17 Paul Danicic will take us on a journey through the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness (BWCAW) in pictures, socio-political history and the current threat of sulfide mining to its future. Captivating imaginations, awing with its powerful landscapes and profound silence and illustrating the essence of north woods images for hundreds of thousands of people every year, the BWCAW is a lightning rod for our attentions. Along with Yellowstone National Park, it is the most heavily litigated wilderness area in the country. Geographically it is the home of iconic north woods wildlife like moose, black bear, wolves, lake trout, loons and bald eagles. It is the world’s oldest transboundary protected area along with the Quetico Provincial Park in Ontario, and sits at the top of three of the four major watersheds in North America. Humans have come here for generations to hunt, fish and trap. More recently we have come there to experience an unparalleled natural wilderness and to forget the chaos and mundane in our lives and find solitude and adventure. In this presentation we will see where it is now in our changing world. We will look at the threat sulfide mining poses to its future and what is being done about it.

Paul Danicic is the executive director of the Friends of the Boundary Waters Wilderness, a Minneapolis and Duluth, MN based non-profit organization focused on the protection and preservation of the BWCAW’s wilderness character and the Quetico-Superior ecosystem. Previously, he was the director of YMCA Camp Menogyn, a wilderness expedition camp for teenagers on the Gunflint Trail. In this role he acted as a U.S. Forest Service Cooperator. He serves on the Superior National Forest Resource Advisory Committee and the steering committee of the Heart of the Continent Partnership, a Canadian-American collaborative group.  Paul has also guided wilderness canoe trips along the border lakes and enjoys sharing this international treasure with others.

Join us at the Moline Public Library Bronze Room at 7 PM on November 17, 2014.


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