Book Club: A Window on Eternity

E.O. Wilson has an incredible skill possessed by few. He can make the finding of dung by a scatophage sound poetic.  This is proven through the following passage from his book A Window on Eternity: “Every milligram found is a ruby, a diamond for dung feeders.  From the moment it falls warm and fresh to the ground, a host of winged beetles and flies rush to feed and lay eggs on it.  The scent of skatole, along with the indoles and sulfur-containing thioles, form the essence of feces.  They waft downwind and repel us, but to the scatophage insects they are like the perfume of flowers.”

If that doesn’t interest you do not fear for this book is not entirely about scatophages.  It is about the incredible Gorongosa Natinal Park located in Mozambique.  Wilson describes not only some of the park’s more interesting natural features and diverse habitats, but also its tragic history and hopeful future.  His beautiful words are accompanied by stunning images captured by Piotr Naskrecki.  To find out more about Gorongosa pick up the book and let yourself become immersed in its beauty.

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