“This Changes Everything” – Eagle View Group Reading Naomi Klein’s Recent Work

by Jodi Zimmerman

When the author of The Shock Doctrine- a truly chilling book that contains graphic stories of the disappeared starts out a book by informing the reader that the current work “ is the hardest book I have ever written” you know you are in for a disturbing read. Klein does not disappoint. Her best-selling book takes the reader on a complete tour of climate change denial and inaction while asserting the consequences for our continued inaction. She also notes that the clock is ticking. 2017 and we are past the point of opening the parachute.

Why have we dithered so long? We do NOT wish to change. It hurts. Also our economic system is set up to run on cheap fuel and an ever expanding consumer base. Here it is for expert and novice alike…all laid out in tight, well-reasoned arguments.  Our inaction has made the already daunting two degrees of climate change morph into the 4-degree world we will now have to navigate. Join us on September 28th at 5:45pm in the bronze room of the Moline Public Library for discussion.

This Changes Everything is a powerful read and practically required to be an informed citizen. Her research is top notch and ignoring this subject will definitely not make it go away. Come on in…the water is rising.


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