Hitchcock got it wrong. Birds are not out to get us.

Book club will discuss “Their Fate Is Our Fate” by Peter Doherty on October 19th in the bronze room at the Moline Public Library at 5:45pm

By Jodi Zimmerman

We have lost a lot over the past decade. Most adults can no longer identify more than 5 local birds much less be able to recognize a change in their behaviors or populations. Many modern scientists fear that this lack of common knowledge reduces not only the possibility of citizen scientists available but also impairs our ability to grasp the full implications of our development choices and our consumer behaviors. Nobel prize-winning author Peter Doherty would very much like to help us regain some of the knowledge our community adults once had about some of our fellow species. Specifically the birds due to their position to act as sentinel when our ecosystem is undergoing change…or attack.

His work in immunology is evident in his approach and will prove extra chilling to read as we progress in flu season. However I believe his main concern is to help us get up to speed on how our relationship to our little dinosaurs can enrich and educate our lives and well as illuminating our attempts to undo the harm we all have wrought.

Latin lessons included! See you Monday night and remember Tippi Hedren!

How many birds can you ID? Take the quiz!


One thought on “Hitchcock got it wrong. Birds are not out to get us.

  1. Jerry Neff

    It was a fine day for a walk in the park. Some trails needed attention, especially where tress had fallen across the trail making travel difficult. But the cool weather was perfect for climbing steps and inclines. We missed watching the rock climbers on the Sentinel. I would like to lead another outing there.



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