November Program on Dam Removal

Please join us Monday, November 16 at the Moline Public Library Bronze Room at 6:30 to hear from Steve Pescitelli, Illinois Department of Natural Resources, on the benefits of removing dams.

Dams have severe negative impacts on aquatic ecosystems, and are a primary factor in the loss of fish and mussel species diversity in North America. A total of 1,150 dam have been removed in the US improving habitat and water quality, and reconnecting isolated stream and river segments. In Northeastern Illinois, dams have been shown to cause reduced diversity of fishes, mussels and other macroinvertebrates within the dam impoundments. Dams have also blocked migration of fish species lost due to drought, floods, and past water problems, a prevalent occurrence in the highly populated area around Chicago.  So far, a total of 26 dam projects have been completed in Northeastern Illinois, including 23 removals and 3 fish passage structures.  A number of these projects will be discussed, including evaluation of fishery response to dam removals and fish passage.  Fish rapidly recolonize the former pooled area following removal, increasing the fish species richness and overall productivity.  We have also documented recolonization of selected fish species in the stream segments upstream of the dam pools.  Although we have observed use of passage structures by a number of fish species, they are less effective than dam removal and also require maintenance.

Learn more when you join us Monday, November 16 at the Moline Public Library Bronze Room at 6:30 PM.


One thought on “November Program on Dam Removal

  1. Lonnie Morris

    This sounds like a terrific program. Dams are an issue in DuPage county and while several have been removed, there are more that could and should be taken out.



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