Winter Outing at Starved Rock State Park

It’s time to start thinking about Sierra Club, Eagle View Group’s winter outing.   Part of the fun of an event is planing and looking forward to it.  So I am already getting ready for our winter outing with my jolly and hardy companions who love the great outdoors whether it is summer or winter.
The date is Sunday, January 31, 2016 and the place is Starved Rock State Park near LaSalle, Illinois.  We will be meeting at the Back Door Lounge in the lodge at 10 AM. We will hike for a while then have a Sunday brunch in the lodge.  After brunch we’ll walk to the frozen water falls.
Starved Rock State Park is about 90 miles east of Moline.  Allow at least one and a half to two hours travel time from Moline.  Traveling east on I-80, take exit 81 and follow the signs to the park lodge where we will gather.  It is important that I know who is coming so be sure to call me if you are coming.
This park is especially scenic during the winter when the water falls freeze and we might even see some ice climbers if the weather is right.
Be sure to dress for the weather so pull on those Long Johns, lower the ear flaps and prepare for a good time in a winter wonderland this last day in January.  Any questions call Jerry at 563 332 5373 or my Cell at 563 508 2513.
Photos by Chris Young.

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