And the votes are in!

By Olivia Dorothy

On behalf of the Eagle View Group Executive Committee, I want to say THANK YOU to everyone who voted in the Sierra Club executive committee election this year. With our new online voting tool, we had the highest response rate in recent memory. Thank you for participating!

Our 2016-2018 term executive committee members include Jon Duyvejonck, Kathryn Allen, Mike Wilcox, Frank Holst and Jerry Neff. Jon is our newest member, replacing Jodi Zimmerman on the executive committee.

On behalf of the executive committee, I want to bid a fond farewell to Jodi. Jodi has served on the executive committee since I moved to the Quad Cities five years ago and decided to leave the committee to make time for other volunteer activities. Jodi is a dedicated environmentalist who has helped lead our local Sierra Club group for many years. Her leadership created two of our hallmark activates: book club and Tree Hugger Trivia. Without Jodi, it will be hard, but the committee still plans to continue book club and Tree Hugger Trivia. Trivia night is scheduled for February 20 (mark your calendars and register your table here). The executive committee will miss you Jodi!

In Jodi’s place, Jon Duyvejonck has stepped into the role of newest executive committee member. Jon recently retired from the Fish and Wildlife Service and is dedicated to protecting and restoring our local natural resources. The executive committee is looking forward to working with Jon!

You can read more about all of our 2016-2018 executive committee members here.


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