Local Land Conservation: Adding Another Tool to the Conservation Belt

By Eric Anderson & Olivia Dorothy

Please join us Monday for the May 16th program meeting at the Moline Public Library at 6:30PM.  Our guest speaker will be Eric Anderson, Executive Director of the River Bend Wildland Trust.

Eric Anderson is a first generation college graduate from a farming family and the only one of his 19 cousins to have gone to grad school. After college and a gap year on the farm he had two years to help out, reflect upon his values and learn a little bit about the world as a Peace Corps Volunteer. He has done many things since then, including finishing his Masters degree, serving in Americorp, and starting a forestry consulting business. Simply getting paid to plant trees was not enough security for Anderson who wants to make sure young trees grow to maturity. This led to his current position as the Executive Director of River Bend Wildland Trust, a non-profit conservation land trust based in Moline, Illinois.

Anderson will discuss how a group of individuals interested in conservation decided to take it a step further and join a national movement, giving individual landowners the opportunity to put perpetual protect on conservation land. He will discuss the basics of land protection, why having a local conservation land trust is important, and, how each land protection project is unique and out of the box solutions are the norm.

Please join us Monday, May 16 at 6:30PM at the Moline Public Library for the program.


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