Fun at the Palisades Kepler Outing

By Jerry Neff

Nine hardy folks attended our summer outing at Palisades Kepler State Park near Mt. Vernon, Iowa on August 27.  Our leader of the walk in the park (me) failed to allow enough travel time and arrived exactly at 2PM.  The rest of the group had already gathered without the aid of my signs that I usually set out to show them where to go.  I was quickly forgiven by my jolly companions and after a short talk about the national park’s 100th birthday, which was just two days before our outing, we began our walk along the river trail.

The trail was a bit rugged with it’s ups and downs, hazardous tree roots, rocks, and slippery spots.  We stopped at two or three lookouts high above the river.  At one overlook a young couple volunteered to take our picture.  Our trail continued as we climbed steep steps in the rocks and carefully descended down more of the same.  Our trail ended at the lodge where a wedding was taking place.

While the rest of us were taking a welcome break on the lodge lawn, Steve Carriger who is quite familiar with the park, located the trail behind the lodge that led us back to the river and our cars.

A decision was made to go to Mt. Vernon for some refreshment.  By this time it was late in the afternoon, so some of us had an early supper while others enjoyed a very late lunch at the Palisades Cafe.  My hikers enjoyed the afternoon hike and social time and I was rewarded with some  hugs.

Our next outing is Sunday, September 18 at the Geneseo windmills and solar array.  See our website for more information about upcoming events.


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