Wind Giants and Solar Reflections Outing

By Jerry Neff

Sunday, September 18, 1:30 PM Geneseo Renewable Energy Facility Tour 115 South Oakwood Avenue Geneseo, IL

You’ve seen wind farms with all those blades spinning in the distance and you’ve seen them at night with all those red lights flashing in unison.  You might have thought it would be awesome to see a wind turbine up close!   Well, this is your big opportunity to see the wind giants up close and personal, inside and out.  Our September outing we will do just that. Also, we will also see one of the biggest solar arrays in Illinois.

We will travel to Geneseo where we will meet Lewis Opsal, the superintendent of the city’s electric department.  Mr. Opsal, will lead us on a tour of the two towers and the vast solar array.

Geneseo’s first wind turbine was installed in 2009.  Since then they added a second turbine and the city has reduced coal burning by 5 million pounds and reduced carbon dioxide emissions by nearly 30 million pounds.  Geneseo is practicing exactly what Sierra Club has been promoting for years…energy from renewable sources!

Getting there is easy.  From the Quad Cities take I-80 to the Geneseo exit.  Turn right at the stop sign and go a few hundred feet and turn left.  If the gate is not open, park here in the circle.  It is a short walk to the array and wind turbines.  Watch for my Eagle View Group signs.

Be sure to put this event on your calendar. You do need to RSVP for this outing to help coordinate the tour with those who would also like to climb inside the turbines!

Contact me/Jerry:  Home phone 563 332 5373    Cell  563 508 2513   Email

Photo from City of Geneseo


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