October Book: The River We Have Wrought

By Olivia Dorothy

John Anfinson’s book, The River We Have Wrought, takes readers through the remarkable history of the Upper Mississippi River with a focus on the political decisions that shape the modern riverscape.  Navigation on the Upper Mississippi River started with early explorers, but once railroads came to the Midwest, river navigation declined.  Anfinson tells the story of how Midwestern navigation boosters wheeled and dealed their way through a series of navigation improvement projects to bring commercial navigation to the Upper Mississippi River at the taxpayers’ expense.

The current system of locks and dams on the Upper Mississippi River that were built in the 1930s is just the most recent in a long history of modifying the Upper Mississippi River to facilitate industry.  And, as Anfinson points out, the story is not over.  The debate is still raging between navigation and environmental interests on whether navigation should be expanded again on the Upper Mississippi River.

So join us October 6th at Fresh Deli by Nostalgia Farms at 6:30PM to discuss The River We Have Wrought by John Anfinson.  And join us at the First Annual Dinner on October 28th to meet the author, John Anfinson.  For more information and to reserve your seat, visit http://www.sierraclub.org/illinois/eagle-view/support-us


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