EVG Fundraiser T-shirts…Make A Difference!

By Kris Bergren

We are so excited to promote our t-shirt fundraiser! Why?

One: Our high performance fundraiser t-shirts will make a difference by helping to financially support all of the EVG programs, events and outings that are offered free and are open to the public.

Two: Our high performance fundraiser t-shirts are made by Atayne which is a Certified B Corporation! What is that? This certification is only awarded to companies that meet the highest standards of environmental and social responsibility. By supporting a Certified B Corporation, EVG is helping support a greener way to do business. Atayne is creating in the US, a greater economic opportunity, strengthening local communities, and preserving the environment.

Here are a few more facts about this impressive company that says it offers performance with a Point of View !

– All of their products are made using the maximum amount of American made recycled polyester materials as possible. In 2015, Atayne’s operations prevented nearly 8.7 metric tons of plastic bottles from going into landfills, conserved over 128,725 kilowatt hours of energy, saved 34 metric tons of CO2 from being emitted, conserved 45,000 liters of drinking water, and supported 9 full-time American manufacturing jobs.

– All of the materials used in their products have been 3rd party certified for safety, eliminating toxic chemicals and known carcinogens from the production process and products.

– All of their printing is done with inks free of hormone disrupting phthalates.

-They use a local production process for quicker manufacturing and to support local jobs.

-The yarns used to develop their fabrics are made in North Carolina. The fabrics are  knitted at mills in North and South Carolina. The garments are cut and sewn in  facilities in Massachusetts and Pennsylvania.

We are also excited about the designs on our t-shirts! The John Muir/Hike and the National Parks System Map are Sierra Club designs. The Recycled Hiker is an Atayne design. All have the Sierra Club/Eagle View Group logo on the back which is larger than it shows on the website.  Also, they come in short and long sleeve as well as  men and women sizes. If you are interested in ordering, go to our website and click on support us…and help make a difference!   Thank you.   http://www.sierraclub.org/illinois/eagle-view

To read more about Atayne: https://www.atayne.com 

Photo credit: Kris Bergren


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