Executive Committee Election Results

By: Emily Clever

Monday night at our Executive Committee meeting Kris handed the gavel over to Mike.

Kris has been the Eagle View president for 7 years. She decided it was time to let someone else take over the presidential duties but will remain on the ExCom and continue her work on the Environmental Film Fest and Water Sentinels. We are all so thankful for her years of hard work and dedication.

Our new president, Mike, has been on the ExCom for 4 years and has been serving as our Vice Chair for the past year. We are excited to see where his leadership will take us.

THANK YOU to everyone who voted in our ExCom election. We received more responses for this election than we have in the past 3 combined!

Updated list of Officers and Committee Chairs

Mike Wilcox, Chair/Program Chair
Jon Duyvejonck,  Vice-Chair/Outings Co-chair
Olivia Dorothy, Secretary/Social Media/Fundraising Chair
Frank Holst, Treasurer
Kathryn Allen, Political Chair/Environmental Film Fest Chair
Bill Davies, IL Sierra Club Chair
Kristen Bergren, Political Co-chair/Environmental Film Fest Co-chair/Water Sentinels
Sheila Bosworth, Listserv Manager
Emily Clever, Membership Chair/Social Media
Jerry Neff, IA Sierra Club Delegate/Outings Chair

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