Growing Grassroots Activism Together Workshop

By Emily Clever

Sierra Club has a long history of being politically active and is encouraging citizens to do the same.   Are you wanting to find ways to be more active? We have created this workshop just for you.  

Eagle View Group Sierra Club will be hosting a training session provided by the IL State Chapter.  We will be covering three topics; Federal Lay of the Land, Personal Narrative and Campaign Planning.  Federal Lay of the Land will be a crash course in U.S. government.  It never hurts to have a refresher on our legislative processes.  Personal narrative and campaign planning will help you develop strategies and tools to become more confident and effective when engaging with elected officials and other active citizens.   

Training begins at 10 and will end at 1:30.  Each topic will last approximately 1 hour.  There will be 15 minute breaks between each topic.  Beverages and snacks will be provided.  RSVP for your seat at

We will be in the WIU Quad Cities Complex building A rooms 103/104.  Please park in the Ben Butterworth Parkway lot across the street.  Directions and maps can be found at  All state universities in Illinois are SMOKE FREE.  That means there is no smoking anywhere on campus property including parking lots or in your car if it is on a campus lot.


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