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Political Field Team Kickoff Party

Given the urgency of decisions made in the current political climate the National Sierra Club and Illinois Chapter are building a new program, the Political Field Team (PFT). The goal of the team will be to build political field power to elect local and state candidates who accept the science of climate change and are committed to supporting legislation that protects the environment.  


The Eagle View Group PFT includes four leadership positions, Political Field Team Chair, Voter Outreach Coordinator, Volunteer Coordinator and Data Director.  Each of these leaders will need supporting members to help accomplish the mission.


If you are interested in joining the EVG PFT please attend our Kickoff Party on Sunday Nov 19th, 2017. It will be 2-3:30 pm at  We will be providing additional information about the goals, strategies and tactics of the PFT.


Please let us know if you are able to attend, you can email us at



Sierra Club Eagle View Group 2nd Annual Dinner

By Michael Wilcox

The Sierra Club Eagle View Group will be having its second annual dinner on October 20, 2017, at the Freight House. Fresh Deli will be catering the meal. The dinner will cost $45 and will include a selection of three entrees (served buffet style), desert and two complimentary glasses of wine or beer. The featured speaker will be Jennifer Loeb who not too long ago climbed Mt. Everest. She lives and works in the Cedar Rapids area and is the first woman from Iowa to climb Mt. Everest. More about Jen:

Jen Loeb was born and raised on a small family farm in Jesup, IA. She graduated from Jesup high school and later from Wartburg College with a degree in biology. Jen started climbing in 2010. On May 19, 2016 she became the first woman from Iowa to summit Mount Everest. Jen’s trying to become the first woman from Iowa to complete the “7 Summits” which is when you climb the highest peak in every continent. She currently has 6 of the 7 done…the only one left is Vinson Massif in Antartica. As of right now there are only 22 women from the USA that have completed the 7 summits.

If you are interested please RSVP by October 13 at