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November Book Discussion: 100 Heartbeats: The Race to Save Earth’s Most Endangered Species by Jeff Corwin

By Olivia Dorothy

Please join the Sierra Club and River Action on November 28 to discuss 100 Heartbeats by Jeff Corwin.

100 Heartbeats is an environmentalist’s safari of Earth’s most endangered animals.  Corwin – your guide and popular television host, adventurer and conservationist – describes his treks to find these precious creatures in their native habitats.  Written in a style reminiscent of a sportsman spinning a tall-tail of the one that got away, 100 Heartbeats is a book you can’t put down.

Corwin keeps the pages turning as he vividly describes “hunting” for these animals alongside the scientists and conservationists who are working to understand and save them.  His mission takes him from to equator to the poles and across the continents as he discusses the threats to the survival of these species.  And it shouldn’t come as a surprise to learn that all the animals in the “100 Heartbeats Club” are threatened by human activity.  But, hopefully, as Corwin concludes, human intervention and ingenuity can save a few.

Please join us on November 28, 2017 at 7PM at the River Action Office in Davenport to discuss 100 Heartbeats by Jeff Corwin.


October Book: Storms of Our Grandchildren by James Hansen

by Olivia Dorothy

Join the Environmental Book Club on October 24 at 7PM at River Action in Davenport to discuss Storms of Our Grandchildren by James Hansen.

In Storms of Our Grandchildren, famed climate scientist James Hansen recounts his personal journey from low-profile researcher to climate activist.  Hansen’s rise to fame came during his time as a public servant at NASA where he was involved in several high-profile reports on climate change.  His public service work understanding climate change and its impacts began in the 1980s and continued into President Obama’s Administration.  He was thrust into the public spotlight when he challenged the Bush Administration’s efforts to manipulate government studies that revealed the magnitude of the climate change threat.

His dogged efforts to blow the whistle on the Bush Administration’s effort to politicize climate change came at great professional risk.  Inspired by the thought of his grandchildren and their future world, Hansen weathered the storms, challenging bad public policies and explaining the science behind climate disruption for the public at large.

Hansen’s book, Storms of Our Grandchildren, recounts his life in the spot light.  He reflects on his many political mistakes, like being out maneuvered by politicians like Dike Chaney and the emotional trauma of being on a losing campaign.  Woven into easy to understand scientific explanations of different climate phenomena, Hansen explains what we knew when and the brutal fight to get that information to the public.

Of course, the fight is far from over and Hansen has lessons for us all to learn about endurance in the face of seeming insurmountable political pressure.  A great read for today’s political climate.  Join our discussion on October 24 at 7PM at River Action in Davenport.