August Book Club: Rain

By Olivia Dorothy

Rain:  A Natural and Cultural History by Cynthia Barnett dives deep into the history of our relationship with the ultimate life-giving force, rain.   Going back billions of years to when water first washed over the planet through today’s changing rain patterns over the globe due to human caused global warming.

Barnett takes readers on a journey through some of the rainiest places on the planet, including India and England where rain is an integral part of their cultural identities.  She tells the story of the American Dust Bowl and the myth that perpetuated that disaster, that rain followed the plow.

Like many books that deeply explore the history of a single thing, Barnett’s stories about deluges and droughts enrapture readers as unusual antidotes and facts are brought to light.  Like why fingers prune when wet (to improve grip!) and how the US military sought to weaponize weather.

Read the book and join the discussion on August 22 at 7PM at River Action.

Eagle View Group Mississippi River Cleanup by the Numbers!

By Kristen Bergren

16 years ago, Eagle View Group volunteered to be part of the newly formed program from Living Lands & Waters … Adopt –A-River Mile. Our mile was on the Ben Butterworth Parkway. We have held a river cleanup every year since 2001.

2 years ago, Eagle View Group’s river cleanup became part of the restructured Xstream Cleanup which was formerly a one day community event. Now Xstream Cleanup supports individuals and organizations who hold cleanup events.

4 organizations, including Eagle View Group,  worked together to sponsor this year’s cleanup.  Keep Moline Beautiful, American Rivers, Xstream Cleanup and Eagle View Group all contributed to make this day a success by providing grabbers, gloves, t-shirts, trash bags and promoting volunteer signup on their websites.

12 volunteers showed up for this year’s cleanup on Saturday, June 17. Thanks…Mike, Ron, Susie, Alice, Tom, Kathryn, Regina, David, Mike, and moi (in the group photo) and also Lindsey and Erin!

15 bags of trash along with a tire and a giant blue piece of Styrofoam were collected on three miles of the parkway!

1 great morning of volunteerism, it was (Yoda speak)! Our efforts were met with great appreciation from walkers and bicyclists who said thank you as they enjoyed the pathway. There was also an offer of a bottle of water to a volunteer and a wallet found on the rocky shore that was returned to the owner!  Amazingly, one of the volunteers knew the person who had lost it!

At our next Mississippi River cleanup…hope we can count on you too!

Thank you to our sponsors!

Keep Moline Beautiful

American Rivers

Living Lands & Waters

Sierra Club Eagle View Group